Diets for Healthy Life

Health tipsWhen I look at all the diets and weight loss programs that are available today, it not only is overwhelming, but also, very discouraging. As I reviewed the medical literature, all of the clinical studies dealing with diets, no matter which one you were talking about, are only successful 2 to 3% of the time. In other words, anyone who has ever lost weight using a diet or diet program will gain all their weight back and usually more within 2 years. Obviously, developing another diet or diet program was not the answer. Basically, diet fails primarily for three reasons.

First of all, diets are a short term solution for a long-term problem. Secondly, most of the diets are not balanced properly. Again, most diets are unable to address the root cause of the obesity and diabetes epidemic.

The answer had to lie in the fact that the patients actually needed to change their lifestyle which actually corrected this underlying problem of insulin resistance if they were going to have any chance of losing weight permanently. Do you know the foundation or the basic of healthy life program? In my opinion, the two things are the basic and foundation of healthy life program. The first one is cutting-edge medical and the second one is scientific information about health. Actually, it became obvious to me that if the patients were going to able to have any success in improving and protecting their health that they needed to improve their sensitivity to their own insulin. This would hopefully allow them to actually “tip back” into a normal metabolic state. As their blood insulin levels declined, this entire process that is known as the metabolic syndrome would be able to be reserved. Since the metabolic syndrome is the result of poor or unhealthy lifestyles, the answer would be to change those unhealthy lifestyles with healthy life which in fact, improved the sensitivity of insulin. This is certainly what I have observed for many patients.

When it comes to our healthy life diet, it’s refreshing to consider the beauty and goodness of wholesome food, rather than muscling through deep hunger pains and dizziness. The diet combines good fats, good proteins and good low glycemic carbohydrates. It is really very important to remember that the body needs a balance of fats, proteins and carbohydrates in order to function at it is optimal level. Depriving the body of any one of these major macro nutrients is not only unwise, but dangerously unhealthy. So as a human, you must need to eat every meal and snack in such way as to not spike the blood sugar. This actually allows the blood sugar to rise quite slowly, thus never causing any inflammation to their arteries or over stimulating the release of insulin. This permits you to avoid falling into that low blood sugar range so that the release of your stress hormones (adrenalin, cortisol) is held in check, and there you won’t experience that “uncontrollable hunger”. You are encouraged to eat all the whole fruits for example, apples, oranges, bananas, pears, grapes, whole vegetables like corn, peas, green beans, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and legumes (all types of beans, lentils you want).

One of the underlying principles in the healthy life is that no one should ever go hungry. When you are hungry, you should need to eat another low glycemic meal or snack. Remember that, if you do not spike your blood sugar, you will slowly decrease your appetite and naturally begin to eat fewer and fewer calories.